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A very crusty bronze Constantine

Cleaning Ancient Coins

Unlike Modern Coins, all Ancient Coins has been cleaned at some point in their long history. It’s only negative if they are cleaned harshly or made worse.

Using I hope share my best practices I have learned. To show common mistakes, tools, display before and after’s, and centralize some scattered information on the hobby.

Another goal of this page is we will display mistakes openly. I have made many. The goal being to educate others willing to learn from our mistakes to improve the hobby as a whole.

Before and After, with detailed blogs

For every coin cleaned, detailed blogs will document the process of cleaning with a combination of written, image, and video embedded. The good, the bad and the ugly will always be shown in blogs to aid in the process of learning.

Trichalkon, under Augustus (13-14 AD)

“Star of Bethlehem” Trichalkon, under Augustus

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