Extremely Fine Nero As; High End Clean


Not all cleans are cheap 4th century slugs. Below is a risky, but high reward clean (if you are experienced enough to pull it off).

Until you have had years of practice, taking a scalpel to an extremely fine Nero As is not recommended.


From the before photo, you can see it’s encrusted with a thin layer of dirt that will require a steady hand to remove.

The patina below is stunning and has strong potential. The patina is thick, which also means forgiving during a clean. That being said, the slightest wrong move means permanent damage, which on such a high end piece is catastrophic.

Half way



Before and after Videos

Some videos to show the coin before and after


Before and After

Tools Used

Disclaimer: while this post might make this look easy given how nice the outcome is, it takes a steady hand with years of practice to safely remove those deposits using these harsh and sharp tools.

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