Buying a Stereo Microscope

This will be a blog on the decision making process on buying an stereo microscope

When Getting a Microscope here is my “Buying Guide”

Almost all consumer Microscopes are White labelled (all made in the same factory and effectively drop shipped in Americas) from China so I won’t bother giving you a “brand” specifically for a buying guide, however, I did personally use Parco but I don’t think it matters as much as specs.

What I will say are the keywords you should search for:

  1. Stereoscope
    1. Meaning two lenses you look through to provide depth perception
    2. Depth perception is REQUIRED for coin cleaning
  2. Zoom between 7x -> 40x
    1. In reality, you don’t need more than 40x when cleaning coins
    2. 7x at the top end, or less is good for looking at whole coin
  3. If you want to record:
    1. Trinocular (third port)
    2. Simul-Focual
      1. Allows you two record WHILE having two lens for depth perception
      2. If you do not get Simul-Focual, you will loose a eye lens to recording process which is kind of dumb IMO
  4. The mount, and direction of the microscope facing so you can look at what you are working on
    1. Ones with mount arms are great but expensive
    2. On the cheap end get one that faces you, not away
Here is a link to the model of Stereo Microscope I have purchased above

My stereo microscope goes between x7 and x45 I believe. Some versions of this microscope come in x90, but I doubt for coins you’ll ever need to go that deep, nor will your lighting support it! My guess I am usually working between x20-x30 when doing detail stuff. Even further, likely the full x45 when its important stuff like the portrait or eye. Sometimes I’ll go back to x7-10 when when big stuff that does not need precision.

Hope this Helps. If you have a question leave a comment below!

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